A Sense of Belonging

The task group

The Sense of Belonging Task Group has been established as part of the Student Experience Action Plan to develop and support a strong sense of belonging among our students, and between staff and student communities.

The Task Group will explore what a sense of belonging means to our students. As part of this, we are looking for feedback from students and engaging with staff communities to find out what is currently working well across our schools and campuses. 

We want to ensure all students feel accepted, valued, included and encouraged. We don’t want any student to miss out on the opportunity to work on this - everyone’s opinion is important.

Your feedback and examples of good practice will be used to create and deliver a plan of activities to improve and build on a sense of belonging across the University community. 



Meet the team

Find out who is working in our Sense of Belonging Task Group.

Your feedback matters

Tell us about best practice or share any ideas or suggestions you feel will help improve your sense of belonging at the University of Edinburgh.