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Being a Student Ambassador is a great way to get involved with the University, have fun and gain valuable skills.

When is the next recruitment?

Our Spring Semester recruitment has now closed. We will be recruiting again in September 2024 for Postgraduate Student Ambassadors. Full details of who can apply will be posted here when recruitment opens. If you would like to be updated when you can apply please sign up to our mailing list using the Student Ambassador interest form.

Student Ambassador interest form

What are student ambassadors?

Student Ambassadors are an essential part of  the University’s recruitment and pre-arrival activity.  The ideal candidate is someone who is enthusiastic about sharing their authentic student experience with prospective students and their supporters. Ambassadors will have opportunities to represent the University, their School and their academic programme to internal and external audiences. 

Ambassadors will receive specific training to support the activity that is expected of them.

Hear from our Ambassadors about their experience as a Student Ambassador:

Student Ambassador blogs 


Overall, my experience as a Student Ambassador at the University of Edinburgh has been one of the highlights from my time at the university. I was able to improve my communication, organisational and time management skills and was able to choose my shifts based on my own availability, which was very helpful during my postgraduate degree.

GerganaStudent Ambassador 

Pay and contracts

The details below are correct for our Spring 2024 recruitment and are left up as a guideline. This will be updated when we open recruitment again in September 2024.

  • Student Ambassadors are guaranteed a minimum of 10 hours of work in each year of their contract. Work only needs to be accepted if they are available but we encourage active participation throughout the year in a variety of roles. 

  • The work is also flexible around your studies – there are no set hours per week or month. Whilst this work cannot offer a frequent income, it does offer valuable work experience.

  • Student Ambassadors are paid £12.04 per hour (plus 18% in lieu of annual leave allowances) - updated February 2024.

Student Ambassador essential information:

Graduating this academic year

If you are graduating this academic year but still interested in being an ambassador for the University, sign up to be an Alumni Ambassador 

Alumni Ambassador

Need Help?

If you have any questions about the position or the application that are not answered on this page please contact the Student Ambassador team:  email 

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