Student Experience Grants


Give your application the best chance of success. Standards are extremely high so please read the full guidelines carefully before submitting your application.

Full guidelines

Please download and read the full guidelines for information on: 

  • applicant conditions
  • selection criteria
  • information for successful applicants
  • how to submit an application
  • announcing results
  • grant acceptance and payment.

Download the full guidelines

Last updated October 2019, 833KB PDF.)

Online application guide

Please download this guide for information on how to use the online application system.

Download the guide

Summary of key points

The information below is only a summary of key points from the guidelines. You must read the full guidelines before you submit an application.

Application rounds

The application window is now closed. The next submission round will open in October 2020.

Projects we can fund

We’re looking for innovative and unique projects that enhance students’ social, academic, intellectual, entrepreneurial, sporting or cultural development.

Here are some suggestions to get your ideas flowing, but be as imaginative as you can.

Community and outreach

  • Helping people and communities in Edinburgh, nationally or around the world
  • Widening opportunities for disadvantaged groups

Research, teaching and learning

  • Fieldtrips, student group competitions or events (organised by students or staff) that benefit the wider student community
  • Peer-learning initiatives

Student life and extra-curricular

  • Cultural, sporting or creative activities

Have something else in mind? We’d love to discuss your idea with you. Find our contact details at the bottom of the page.


The good news is you are probably eligible to apply, as long as you are one of the following:

  • a matriculated student at the University of Edinburgh;
  • a member of staff at the University of Edinburgh;
  • a representative of a student society, social enterprise and peer groups recognised by Edinburgh University Students' Association; or
  • a representative of a sports club recognised by Edinburgh University Sports Union.


Your application must have a student co-applicant and demonstrate active student involvement in the project. Examples include students conducting research or fieldwork, analysing data, or developing a website.

Exceptions - applicants to other grant schemes

If you have applied to the following University of Edinburgh grant schemes, you are unfortunately not eligible to apply to the Student Experiences Grants with the same project, regardless of whether you have been successful.

Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme (PTAS)

Go Abroad Fund

Role of referees

To be eligible an application must be supported by a referee competent to verify that the project idea has merit. The referee will be nominated by the applicant and should be appropriate for the type of application being submitted (see full Application Guidelines for details).

The referee will review an outline of the project provided by the applicant and write a short statement giving their reasons for supporting it, assuming they are happy to do so.

The applicant will add the referee’s details and this supporting statement to the application, thus confirming it has the referee’s support.

On submission of a completed application, the referee will be sent an email to inform them that a completed application bearing their name and support has been received.

Tips for success

  • Be creative, be daring but, most importantly, be accessible. Reading your application should animate and inspire, regardless of the subject matter.

  • Think carefully about the feasibility of your project and the budget you require. Include as much detail as possible about your costs and how they enable delivery of the project.
  • See the bigger picture. We favour projects that benefit more than one student and demonstrates long-term impact to the student experience at the University.


We want to help you put in the best application possible. Send us an email or call us if you have a query. We’re very friendly.

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