Animal research


The number of animals that were used in research by species in 2014.

In 2014, the University used 200,861 animals in research. The vast majority of these were rodents, predominantly mice and rats (82%), and fish (15%). A small number of animals were monitored in the wild as part of conservation efforts for endangered species.

Species Number Percentage
Rodents 165,392 82.3%
Fish 30,795 15.3%
Birds 3,599 1.8%
Agricultural species (Cattle, sheep, pigs. This figure includes sheep and deer monitored in the wild.) 1,031 0.5%
Frogs 22 0.01%
Wildcats (Monitored in the wild) 22 0.01%

These figures are calculated each year based on data from annual returns that are prepared for the Home Office by every Project Licence holder.