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Animal Research - an introduction

Animal research plays a vital role in understanding health and disease, which is crucial for developing new therapies for people and animals.

We use alternatives where possible but, at present, some research questions can only be answered using animals. Where animals cannot be replaced, we try to reduce the number we use to get a scientifically valid answer and refine the techniques to minimise the impact on the animals. 

More than 95 per cent of the animals we use in research are rodents and fish. We also use a number of farm animals, including chickens, sheep, cows and pigs, and a small number of wild animals. 

All of our animal research is carried out in accordance with UK law, under strict Home Office regulations.


Strict laws control the use of animals in research.

Animal Welfare and Ethics

High standards of animal welfare underpin all of our research.

Alternatives and improvements (The 3Rs)

We aim to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals in research.

Frequently asked questions about the use of animals in research.

Dr Lesley Penny, Director of Veterinary Scientific Services, addresses delegates at the 7th annual 3Rs symposium

We provide a number of opportunities for members of the public to find out more about our research involving animals.