Reflection Toolkit

Reflection literature

This section contains a review of literature on reflection and a list of helpful literature to explore the area further.

The Reflection Toolkit is intended to be used and to be easy to navigate.  Therefore, we have tried to streamline it by removing large theoretical discussions and constant references to literature.  However, these are important so from here you can access information on the historical development of the concept of reflection, the evidence behind whether it actually works, the literature used in developing the Reflection Toolkit and references to other relevant literature and materials.


Literature review

Below is a PDF that contains a review of literature on reflection.  The review explores the development of the theoretical concept of reflection, deals with associated challenges, and highlights the empirical evidence behind the benefits of reflection.  It also explains how we chose the definition of reflection that is used across the Reflection Toolkit.

Reflection bibliography

The page below contains the literature that contributed to the development of the Reflection Toolkit and other relevant literature in the area.  The literature is divided into broad topics to make it easy to find relevant content and to see how literature has informed the Reflection Toolkit.

Reflection bibliography