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Name Role Business unit(s)
Katarina Zabecka Reporting and Administration Officer
Dr Matteo Zaccarini Research Fellow ERC Project Honour in Classical Greece; Greek history
Alicja Zadroga Management Assistant to Head of Estates Planning & Head of University Space
Osama Zahid Demonstrator (C1) (ACAD - Tutors and Demonstrators)
Dr Maram Zahraa
Amal Zaidan PhD Student
Dietmar Zaiss (moved to Regensburg University in Germany)
Michael Zakharin PhD Psychology
Rose Zamoyska
Dr Samaneh Zandian Lecturer in Language Education
Adib Zanordin
Gaia Zanotti
Prof Andy Zapechelnyuk Professor of Economics
Grace Zdesenko
Marie Zechner
Marie-Theres Zechner Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Louise Zeelenberg International Recruitment Manager (South East Asia and Australasia)
Ula Zeir Salamiyya: a City of the Ismailis in the Nineteenth and Early Twenties Century Ottoman Syria (1831- 1918)
Andrew Zelny PhD Philosophy
Lijie Zeng PhD Psychology