Eileen Yiran Zhao

Thesis title: Narrating Time: The Representation of Temporal Experience in Dream of the Red Chamber


Yiran Zhao is currently a second-year PhD candidate in Chinese Studies at the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, fully funded by CSC (China Scholarships Council).

Before working on her PhD in Edinburgh, she studied at Beijing Normal University, China, where she obtained her Master’s degree in Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature and Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature, both with first-class honours.

During her degrees, she was a teaching assistant at BNU  and an exchange student at Fu Jen Catholic University. 


MA(Hons) in Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature (2017), Beijing Normal University.

BA (Hons) in Chinese Language and Literature (2014), Beijing Normal University.

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 2018 BPCS Conference on "Hetero/Homogeneous China", University of Oxford, 21-22 June 2018: "The Forms of Time and the Temporal Aesthetics in Hong Lou Meng"

2019 BAME Doctoral Researchers Event, The British Library, London, 8 July 2019: "The Rhetoric of Time in Scholar-Beauty Romance of Late Imperial China​"








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