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Name Role Business unit(s)
Yuqing Yang
Richard Yardley School of Biological Sciences Administration Services Manager & Deputy Director of Professional Services
Kostyantyn Yaremenko, MSc Research Assistant
Fahd Yasin PhD Psychology
Joyce Yau Senior Lecturer
Wen Ye (PhD student)
Dr Gonzalo Yebra
Prof Lesley Yellowlees Head of College
Xinying Yeo PhD Student
Dave Yeung Bioinformatician
Fabian Yii
Chenxi Yin (PhD student)
Huanhuan Yin PhD Psychology
Qifan (Leo) Yin
Shihui Yin
Yalin Yin (PhD student)
Pongpalin Yingchoncharoen First year PhD student
Dr Elizabeth N. York Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Ivo Youmerski PhD Linguistics & English Language
Alannaha Young Senior Research Contracts Officer