Professor Seth Grant

Professor of Molecular Neuroscience


  • 1984, Graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Science (Medicine) in Physiology, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  • 1985-1989, Postdoctoral Fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory with Douglas Hanahan
  • 1989-1994, Postdoctoral Fellow with Eric Kandel at Columbia University
  • 1994, Centre for Genome Research at Edinburgh University
  • 2000, Professor of Molecular Neuroscience, Edinburgh University
  • 2003, Principal Investigator at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge
  • 2011, Professor of Molecular Neuroscience , University of Edinburgh
  • Additional appointments: John Cade Visiting Professor at Melbourne University, Honorary Professorship at Cambridge University and elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

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