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Molecular/cellular biology & disease modelling

CCBS research spans the spectrum of molecular and cellular biology through to in vivo disease modelling.

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From molecules to behaviour

We investigate the inner workings of neurons, glia and other cell-types: from the molecules that make up protein complexes at the synapse, through state-of-the-art microscopy of cells in a dish, to the electrophysiology of nerve conduction, and behaviour in the whole animal.

Some of our disease modelling work uses human stem cells:

Example molecular/cellular & disease modelling projects
Project Disease PI
Mouse models of inflammation, neurodegeneration & repair multiple sclerosis Siddharthan Chandran
Large-scale molecular analyses of multiprotein complexes at the synapse (Genes2Cognition) cognition, learning & memory Seth Grant
New diagnostic tests and biomarkers for prion diseases and other protein mis-folding disorders prion diseases Alison Green
Molecular analysis of synaptic plasticity, cognition, learning and memory cognition, learning & memory Noboru Komiyama
The role of mitochondria in neuronal damage multiple sclerosis Don Mahad
Receptor modulation induced by electrical fields in the synaptic cleft synaptic biology Sergiy Sylantyev
Mechanisms of memory consolidation and reconsolidation learning & memory Szu-Han Wang