Dr Pleasantine Mill

Group Leader


Dr Mill received her BSc degree from McGill University and then went on to do a PhD with Prof Chi-chung Hui at the University of Toronto. Her work focused on dissecting the roles of the Gli transcription factors in Hedgehog signaling in skin development and tumorigenesis using knock-out and transgenic mouse models. Upon completion of her PhD, Pleasantine received a Canadian NSERC Post-doctoral Fellowship to continue her work in Developmental Genetics with Prof Ian Jackson at the MRC Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh driving a mouse mutagenesis project to identify genes controlling neural crest development. As a Caledonian Research Fellow, Pleasantine focused on characterizing several mutant mouse lines that exhibited hallmarks of deregulated signaling through defects in cilia structure and/or function. This work led her to develop a cilia-centric research programme using siRNA cell-based screens and targeted mouse mutants to discover and understand genes critical to ciliogenesis.


    • 2004, Doctor of Philosophy, Medical and Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto, Canada
    • 1999, Bachelor of Science, Microbiology and Immunology, McGill University, Canada

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