Neil Allison

User Experience Manager


Neil is an experienced and qualified user experience professional, with a long track record in the public sector digital management and enhancement.

A champion of user experience research and design techniques at the University of Edinburgh, he has pioneered their use in a wide range of projects, and established a user-centred approach to the development and management of digital systems and services.

Neil initially joined the University to lead on user research, training and support elements in the development and management of the corporate web content management system service. Earlier in his career, Neil was a teacher and a higher education student recruitment & engagement officer.


Neil is qualified in human computer interaction at postgraduate level. 

He also holds a postgraduate teaching qualification, and an undergraduate degree in Technology Management.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Neil coordinates premium services provided to business units across the University, and has management responsibility for editorial and user experience staff.

Get in touch with Neil if you want to:

  • Take a user-centred approach to your project or service so you produce a user-friendly product that delivers business value from the outset
  • Make more useful and user friendly products, services and websites. (You'll have most success if you do this before you begin developing)
  • Understand your customers: what they think of your website or software, and in particular where they're having problems
  • Get your team working more effectively together behind a common vision or set of goals


Project activity

Neil undertakes a wide range of projects supporting colleagues across the University in the development and enhancement of websites, software and services.

The key elements he brings to all these projects are:

  • Helping teams and their stakeholders come to a common view of who they're serving and why
  • Understanding user needs and how these align with business priorities
  • Establishing sustainable management practices informed by regular user insight

Neil regularly blogs about the projects he's working on.

Neil's posts on the University Website Programme Blog

Neil has played a lead role in all development projects relating to the University of Edinburgh's corporate content management systems. His responsibilities typically involve requirement gathering and validation, process and user interface design, user research and usability testing and user support and training management.


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  • Lean UX – requirements are hypotheses - Inspired by a workshop run by Lean UX author Jeff Gothelf, this is an introduction to the concepts with examples of how we made it work at the Website Programme
  • Humility in development  - We need to accept that we don’t know it all – in fact we don’t necessarily know very much – and plan our development to accommodate learning along the way