User Experience (UX) service

Case studies

Learn about the work the UX Service has undertaken so far.

API Service user research and discovery

Working with an experience map for the API Service project
We conducted user research to develop a strong understanding of the user base of the API Service.

Business Intelligence / Management Information user research

Presenting findings in the Business Intelligence / Management Information experience map
We engaged with BI/MI users from across the University to gather insight into the motivations behind BI/MI use and to clarify how staff use it to support their duties at work.

Business Intelligence / Management Information user perceptions of quality and reliability

BI/MI persona map
We conducted user research on behalf of the BI/MI Service to understand how perceived data quality influenced BI Tools users in the process of producing or accessing reports.

Card Services student research into photos

Student sketches of ID photos
We investigated student experiences, attitudes and behaviours around personal photos and ID.

Document management user requirements

5 scenarios of collaborative working
We determined current document management practices from the perspective of a range of University staff and helped identify their end-users and those users’ requirements for Document Management, independent of platforms.

Finance Department snapshot of student experiences

Card Services student workshop
We interviewed staff who deal with students’ initial enquiries on finance-based matters to build an initial picture of current experiences.

IS Helpline collaboration to increase levels of IT self-service

IS Helpline prioritising usability issues
We've been iteratively improving IT help provision at the University so students are able to self-serve on common IT issues.

Online Learning UX agency recruitment support

Online learning - presenting findings of user research
We provided advice and support to an online degree marketing project team, as they sought to scope out a user research project and recruit an external agency to undertake the work.

Research Data Service user research and system usability appraisal

Research Data Service workshop
We helped the Research Data Service better understand their target audiences’ priorities, attitudes and behaviours, and conducted usability testing to identify usability issues with their website that impeded users’ ability to complete their goals.

User Centred Portal research into updating contact details

Usability testing
We helped the User Centred Portal project team optimise a new MyEd feature through observation of student interactions and a facilitated review workshop.