Dr Bronwyn Koterwas (BA BVM&S MRCVS FHEA)

Lecturer and Senior Veterinary Clinician- Dick Vet Rabbit and Exotic Practice


I've been really lucky to work with a huge variety of species in different settings over the last 30 years. My previous degrees in pre-medicine/anthropology and veterinary technology (nursing) help keep me grounded and practical as a vet. Working with exotics species has been a wonderful opportunity to problem solve in challenging ways and educate owners and students alike. 

Currently, I'm working towards a European College of Zoological Medicine diploma in Herpetology (reptiles). Although I absolutely enjoy working with all exotic and wildlife species, I feel reptiles need an advocate more than others - particularly in terms of their welfare. 

The students at the R(D)SVS motivate me greatly. Empowering them with the knowledge and clinical skills to treat exotic animals is very rewarding.  I was really proud to be voted 'Best Veterinary Teacher' by the EUSA in 2020.

My 2 human primates (daughters), deer(hound) and rescue felines along with music, art, cooking and fresh air in any capacity with my best friend help to keep me recharged.