Miss Jasmin Paris

ECAT Linked CRUK-Funded Clinical Lecturer


Jasmin graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2008 and after a year spent working in small animal practice she completed a 1-year small animal rotating internship at the University of Minnesota, followed by a 3-year residency in Small Animal Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. She obtained her ECVIM Diploma in Companion Animal Internal Medicine in 2014. Jasmin was then awarded an ECAT-linked CRUK Fellowship to undertake a PhD, with a view to a long-term career in veterinary academia.

She has chosen to study the role of Cited2 in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh. By focusing on the mechanisms through which Cited2 orchestrates leukaemogenesis in MLL-AF9 induced AML, Jasmin hopes to facilitate identification of novel therapeutic targets in what is a particularly aggressive form of this malignancy.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Small Animal Internal Medicine

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