Leo Sucharyna Thomas (BA Archaeology, MSc Geographic Information Systems)

Thesis title: (Provisional) Mesolithic site prediction using enhaced landscape modelling.


Leo is undertaking research into Mesolithic site location and movement. Focus is placed on the integration of computational techniques to enhance predictive modelling.

A background in field archaeology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and consultancy, have combined to give an appreciation of accurate, high resolution and contextualised risk modelling.  Especially for periods where the archaeological record or material culture is sparse or ephemeral.


BA (Hons) Archaeology, MSc Geographic Information Systems

Undergraduate teaching

Archaeology 1B Tutorials - 2019

Research summary

Main areas of interest are: the generation of complex reconstructed landscapes, site prediction, mobility and pathfinding.

Current research interests

Computational archaeology, site prediction, mobility, Mesolithic Scotland, landscape archaeology.

Past research interests

I also concern myself with a variety of different research ventures pertaining to the archaeology of the Altai mountains, the Canary Islands and the Amber road.