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Professor Clive Bonsall

Professor of Early Prehistory


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Address: Room 03.10, William Robertson Wing, Old Medical School, Teviot Place
Telephone: +44 (0)131 650 2375
Office hours: Available by email arrangement

I studied prehistory and archaeology at Sheffield University with Colin Renfrew, Paul Mellars and Andrew Fleming. Soon after graduation I took up a junior research post at the British Museum, moving to a lectureship in Edinburgh in 1978. After promotion to Senior Lecturer and then Reader, I was awarded a Personal Chair in Early Prehistory in 2009. My research focuses on the post-glacial hunting-gathering (Mesolithic) and early farming (Neolithic) societies of Britain and continental Europe. Early in my career I excavated Mesolithic sites in northern England, but since the 1990s my field archaeology has been mainly in W Scotland and SE Europe. My publications include The Mesolithic in Europe (1989), The Human Use of Caves (1997), The Iron Gates in Prehistory (2008), and Submerged Prehistory (2011).

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