Prof. Jonathan Hillier

Chair of Mathematical Modelling & Global Food Systems


My work focusses on modelling the environmental impacts of food production. I believe that one of the greatest challenges of our times is how to give upwards of 8 billion people access to sufficient, healthy food without depleting our natural resources or polluting our land, air, and waters.

Much of my work is on greenhouse gases and soils and I am interested in the theoretical through to the very applied. I was the original developer of the Cool Farm Tool - in collaboration with Unilever and the Sustainable Food Lab, with whom I co-founded the Cool Farm Alliance. The role of decision support systems to support environmentally informed decisions on the part of farmers and consumers is a key interest of mine.

I am also a member of the EU Nitrogen Expert Panel, a cross-sector panel comprising science, policy and industry representatives, focused on effective good practice of nitrogen management in agriculture.

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Bachelor of Science, University of Wales, Bangor Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of York

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