Dr Helen Brown

Core Scientist (Statisician)


Helen Brown is the Senior Statistician at The Roslin Institute. She has an international reputation in the area of mixed models and has published two text books in this area. Previously she has held statistical posts at: University of Edinburgh in Medicine and in the Social Sciences; NHS Quality Improvement Scotland and ISD (NHS); Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BIOSS); and at AstraZeneca.

Within her role at The Roslin Institute she is undertaking collaborative scientific research with scientific staff, providing expert statistical advice on methods for research and developing novel statistical approaches to particular problems where appropriate.


2006 Doctor of Science, University of Edinburgh Theory and practice of mixed models applied to medical research

1984 Master of Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics, University of Manchester

1999 Master of Informatics, University of Edinburgh Artificial Intelligence

1983 Bachelor of Science, University of York Mathematics

Responsibilities & affiliations

Animal Welfare and Ethics Committee

Research summary

To date my main research interest has been in mixed (or multilevel) models. These involve identifying and accounting for sources of variation and correlation structures in the data and offer potential advantages over conventional modelling methods including: improved efficiency, more appropriate variances and correlations, wider inference and offer the potential to overcome problems caused by missing data.

At The Roslin Institute my research will involve providing the statistical contribution to collaborative scientific research using a range of methods and developing novel statistical approaches to particular problems arising where appropriate. I expect to develop my research in mixed models further in addressing applications arising within the Institute.