Hamdullah Tunc


I am a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology. My doctoral research focuses on personal values and valued living and their relationships with adolescents' depression and anxiety.

My postgraduate education (MSc and PhD) is funded by the study abroad programme of the Ministry of National Education of Turkey. 


2012 – 2016; Istanbul University – Psychology (BSc)

2018 – 2019; University of Bath – Applied Clinical Psychology (MSc); Dissertation Title: "The Effect of Value Fulfilment on Depression, Anxiety and Stress"

Responsibilities & affiliations

  • Member of the Centre for Applied Developmental Psychology (CADP)
  • Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • Member of the Turkish Psychological Association (TPD)

Postgraduate teaching

  • Tutor in "Psychological Research Methods:  Data Management and Analysis" course
  • Tutor in "Research Methods in Applied Psychology" course

Current research interests

I am currently interested in the effect of personal values and valued living on adolescents' depression and anxiety.

Affiliated research centres