Paul Morris (Paul Graham Morris)

Lecturer in Health Psychology


I joined the academic team in 2002. Amongst other roles, I co-ordinate health psychology teaching and was Research Director for the DClinPsychol programme from Nov 2010 until March 2014, developing our DClinPsychol research training to facilitate development of transferable research skills, greater dissemination of findings from thesis projects and the establishment of programmes of research. In more recent years I have taken the academic lead on our joint NHS / university selection process.

Outside of work I like the great outdoors, enjoying both long treks in the hills, cycling and more gentle strolls. I enjoy playing tennis and am involved in projects which support a more sustainable approach to the environment. This is reflected in my research interest in the wellbeing benefits of greenspaces.

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Research summary

My main research interests include:

  • Values, Value Directed Living and their associations with Health, Wellbeing and behaviours
  • The Wellbeing benefits of engaging with GreenSpaces
  • Unexplained symptoms / Functional Disorders
  • Anxiety, Stress Reduction & Mindfulness

I would be interested in hearing from anyone considering a PhD project in any of these areas.

Current research interests

Current research projects include: 1) Relationship between traumatic growth observed following brain injury and value-directed living? Monica 2) Does value directed living predict better adaptation to retirement, better attitude to ageing and greater wellbeing in older adults? DClin thesis by Frances Stuart 3) Do acceptance, awareness, and valued-action predict asthma control and mental wellbeing in a clinical sample of people with asthma? DClin thesis by Ernest Wagner (NHS Grampian) supervised by Paul and Evelyn Jannetta 4) The effect of incongruence between individuals’ values and the perceived values of others on mental well-being – MSc group 5) The potential for community based greenspace interventions in enhancing health and wellbeing - Jingni Ma PhD project, supervised by Paul and Stella Chan

Past research interests

Recently completed projects (these are not yet published - see publications list for older published projects) Values projects a) Value-directed living, symptom severity, depression and patient-clinician relationship as predictors of patient activation in individuals with multiple sclerosis - DClin thesis by Laura Alexander - NHS Lothian, supervised by Paul and David Gillespie (NHS Lothian) b) Chauhan D, Ferreira N., Morris P.G. The effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy in enhancing values-consistent behaviour: a systematic review (in prep) c) Valued living as a predictor of anxious arousal, medically unexplained symptoms, fatigue and wellbeing GreenSpace Projects d) Goulding, Morris, Robbins, Wang, Espada Abajo. A randomised controlled trial of the Effect of Walking in Nature on Mindfulness, Mood, Rumination, Working Memory and Well-being. (In prep) e) Perceived benefits and barriers to community gardening and associations with well-being f) Understanding perceived barriers to engaging with greenspaces in a deprived community

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