Georges Sakr

PhD Linguistics & English Language

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Room 2.17, Dugald Stewart Building

3 Charles Street, Edinburgh
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I hold an undergraduate degree in English Language (2017) and Computer Science (2015) from the American University of Beirut, and both a Masters of Science degree in Linguistics (2018) and a Masters of Science by Research degree in Linguistics (2019) from the University of Edinburgh.

Research summary

I am particularly interested in phonetics and phonology, historical linguistics and the practical use of computing in the study of my subfields.

Current research interests

I am currently working on Lebanese, more particularly on a subdialect I refer to as Central Mount-Lebanon Lebanese (CMLL) in function of the area in which it is spoken. For all intents and purposes, my current research is documentational in nature, and consists mainly of identifying phenomena in the phonology and phonetics of CMLL to investigate their occurrence. I give particular attention to the interface between the phonetics and the phonology of said phenomena within the overall systems of CMLL.

Past research interests

My undergraduate research culminated in a dissertation on a process of affrication of alveolar plosives in French-Educated Lebanese students. My MSc dissertation was a loanword phonology discussion of issues from French loans in Lebanese. And my MScR dissertation was a laboratory phonology investigation into the vocalic inventory of Lebanese.


I have chaired the 2019 Linguistics and English Language Postgraduate Conference (LELPGC19, after helping organise it in 2018 (LELPGC18,


I have attended and assisted the organisers of the 27th Manchester Phonology Meeting (27mfm,

Papers delivered

I gave a talk titled "Affrication of alveolar plosives in French-Educated Lebanese students" and presented a poster titled "Lebanese: Language, Education, Identity" at LELPGC18 (

I also gave a talk titled "Close-mid Monophthongs in Central Mount Lebanon Lebanese" to the P-Workshop in October of 2019.

I also gave a talk titled "The Central Mount Lebanon Lebanese (CMLL) vowel space: a laboratory phonology investigation" at ALiF 2020 (