Patrick Honeybone



My website has all sorts of information about me:

Undergraduate teaching

I often teach on the following courses:

  • LEL1: Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
  • LEL2: Linguistic Theory and Universals, Slavic Linguistics
  • Phonological Theory and English Phonology
  • Historical Phonology
  • Dialects of English in Britain & Ireland

Current PhD students supervised

Research summary

 I teach and research a number of things, but they mainly group around these three areas:

  • historical phonology
  • phonological theory
  • phonological variation and dialectology

I'm interested in all kinds of linguistic systems, but the languages and dialects that I know and worry about most are these:

  • dialects of English from the North of England
  • English (and Scots) more generally, in all its/their glory
  • other West Germanic languages
  • South Slavic languages

I'm interested both in the idiosyncrasies of these languages and their histories, and in how a proper understanding of this kind of data can help us to figure out what's possible (and what's impossible) in language, and in language change, in general.

More information (about my research and my publications) is available on my website:

Everything I publish is listed most clearly on my website (although you could also see how they're presented on Edinburgh's Research Explorer).