Dr Veronique Vitart

Group Leader


Ecole Normale Superieure of StCloud-Fontenay, FRANCE 1985

Magistere of Biology-Biochemistry, University of Paris-Sud, FRANCE 1985-1988

PhD, University of Paris-sud, 1992

Post-doctoral fellow, Bourse Lavoisier from the French Foreign Office,The Salk Institute,La Jolla California,USA 1992-1994

Research associate, UCLA, Los Angeles,California and at the Scripps research Institute, La Jolla California,USA 1995-1999

Senior Scientist MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh, UK, 2000-on

MRC Special training Fellowship in Bioinformatics,2001


MSc Plant breeding and Quantitative Genetics, University of Paris-Sud, France,1988

PhD Plant Molecular Genetics , university of Paris-sud, France,1992

MSc Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis, University of Edinburgh, UK, 2002