Dr Dominic Thekkedath Kurian

Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility Mgr


Dominic manages the Proteomics and Metabolomics core facility of the Roslin Institute, which provides cutting edge analytical services employing advanced mass spectrometry instrumentations for proteomic and metabolomics discoveries.

Dominic has an extensive training in bioanalytical chemistry and mass spectrometry and obtained his Ph.D from University of Calicut, India. After having a few postdoctoral tenures at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, University of Turku, Finland and University of Newcastle, UK, he joined UK’s leading animal research institute, the Institute for Animal Health at Compton, where he ran a biological mass spectrometry facility for three years. Dominic joined the Roslin Institute in 2011.

He is involved with a number of research projects and Institute Strategic Program Grants (ISPGs) where chromatographic and analytical mass spectrometry is utilized. He is currently developing novel mass spectrometry assays for quantifying proteomes and post-translational modifications and targeted analysis of metabolites, which has applications in basic biomedical and clinical research and wildlife forensics.

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