Dr Darren Watt

Business Manager


My role in the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security involves strategic and business planning, financial management, and co-ordination of support activities.

A previous role in the Research Support Office at SRUC supported researchers and managers in preparing research grant applications, understanding funders’ strategic priorities and procedures, and provided project management support to the Division.  It involved close working with Management Accounts to support divisional financial management, analysis and reporting. The office also supports and co-ordinates all REF related activity.

I have worked as Research Manager for a small University of Stirling, Institute of Aquaculture spin out company called Biomarine Limited which aimed to isolate, characterise and grow bacterial and/or viral agents to control sea lice on farmed salmon in Scotland.

I have worked as a Quality Assurance Team Leader for a major clinical research organisation and managed a team of auditors across various scientific areas including Crop Field Trials, Environmental Sciences, Toxicology, and Pathology. The team workload included reviewing scientific protocols, conducting QA inspections of laboratory work and field trials across the UK and Europe, reviewing scientific reports, conducting internal and external facility inspections for compliance in line with health and safety policy and processes.