Billy Wardrop

Senior Drupal Developer


Billy is responsoible for managing the Web Development Team in Website and Communications. Billy is responsible for providing leadership, technical expertise, development and support for current operations, including the EdWeb CMS, Drupal and related services.

Before joining the website programme, Billy started his Technical Career at the Northern Lighthouse Board as a support assistant. As the department grew very quickly, Billy became the Technial Systems Manager. 

Billy then went on to start his own website business called Fresheverything in 2003. After 10 years, Billy sold his business and took on a Developers role in the Sugar Refinery in 2013. Split between both management and a Senior Development role, this allowed Billy to build on his programming skills before joining the University Website Programme team in July 2014.


  • BSc Information Systems
  • Expert in Drupal 7 Developers course 

Drupal 7 Developer course information

Responsibilities & affiliations


  • Designing, Theming, Site Building and module development for web sites, applications and APIs using Drupal
  • Enhancing current systems using PHP, Python, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and jQuery
  • Developing new solutions and bug fixing in the central website
  • Support and development at EdWeb Code Sprint days

EdWeb Code Sprints


  • 2nd line support for the central website including bug fixing and best practice
  • Advice on developing websites in our Drupal distribution

EdWeb distribution


  • Day-to-day management of the Website Programme Technical Team


  • Drupal Development / Support
  • PHP (OOP and Frameworks)
  • API Development
  • System Design and Development
  • Agile Project Development
  • CMS Design / Development
  • Javascript / JQuery


Project activity

  • External JS implementation in EdWeb - Technical Lead
  • Social Media and User Feedbackin EdWeb - Lead Developer 
  • Health and Safety Contact Web Application (Drupal) - Designer and Developer
  • PURE API Development - Developer

Past Projects

  • PURE EdWeb API for Staff Profiles (Drupal) - Developer
  • Custom EdWeb Proxy Development work for Health and Safety and IAD - Developer
  • Polopoly to EdWeb Migration - Technical support for the migration of 300 websites 

Conference details

DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

Drupal Camp Scotland 2015

DrupalCon Dublin 2016

DrupalCon Vienna 2017

Drupal Europe 2018

Drupal Dev Days 2019, Cluj Romania

DrupalCon Global 2020