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Name Role Business unit(s)
Dr George R Wilkes Research Fellow specialising in Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace
Rona Wilkie
Stephen Wilkie
Alisa Wilkinson Postgraduate (Taught) Senior Administrator
Professor Heather Wilkinson Director of Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia (ECRED); Deputy Director of the Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC) Academy
Dr Jessica Wilkinson Postgraduate Secretary
Mr Kieren Wilkinson Servitor
Professor Simon Wilkinson Chair of Autophagy and Tissue Homeostasis
Charlotte Wilks Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Matti Wilks Lecturer
Professor Bob Will Emeritus Chair of Clinical Neurology
Aislinn Williams Veterinary Nurse DVSAP and Medicine
Anna Williams Group Leader, Professor of Regenerative Neurology and Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Charles Williams Postdoctoral Research Associate
Claire Williams Combined Internship/Residency Small Animal Oncology
Dr Erin Williams Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology
Harvey Williams Core Scientist in Quantitative Predictive Biology
Professor Joanne Williams Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology
Linda Williams Research Fellow
Dr Margaret Williams Honorary Fellow