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Name Role Business unit(s)
Thomas Stephen PhD Linguistics & English Language
Holly Stephens Lecturer in Japanese and Korean Studies
Laura Sterian British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Laura Sterian
Francesco Stermotich-Cappellari The Spiritual in Islamic Calligraphy: A Phenomenological Approach to the Contemporary Turkish Calligraphic Tradition
Guy Stern (MScR student)
Anna Sternberg
David C Sterratt University Teacher
Kay Steven Research Fellow
Michael Steven Senior Development Officer (Research)
Michelle Steven Data Manager
Dave Stevens Postgraduate Programme Administrator
Dr Jo Stevens Group Leader
Professor Mark Stevens Personal Chair of Microbial Pathogenesis
Chad M Stevenson PhD Philosophy
David Stevenson Honorary Fellow
Dr Geoffrey Stevenson Honorary Fellow
Randall Stevenson Emeritus Professor of Twentieth-Century Literature
Asha Stewart PhD Linguistics & English Language
David Stewart Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (Residency) in Veterinary Anaesthesia