Dr Alexander Murdoch (PhD)

Honorary Fellow


Formerly Co-director and resident researcher for the Scottish Records Program of the North Carolina Colonial Records Project (administered by the Division of Archives and History of the State of North Carolina), 1986-1990, later Principal Lecturer in History and American Studies at what is now the University of Northampton, appointed at the university in 1995 as Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in Scottish History. Honorary Fellow from 2014. Member of the American Historical Association and the Stair Society.Past external posts and offices in learned societies include external examiner for Scottish History courses at the University of St Andrews, 2001-4; Book Review Editor, Scottish Historical Review, 1998-2002; Trustee, Scottish Historical Review Trust, 1997-1999; Member of Council, Economic & Social History Society of Scotland, 1997-2001; Member of Council, Scottish Church History Society, 1996-2013; Member of Council, Scottish History Society, 1996-1999. Fellow of the Royal Historical Society 1992-2014.  External Examiner for postgraduate dissertations submitted to the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, St Andrews and the University of the Highlands and Islands.

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The Historical Association - Podcast - 'The Acts of Union 1707' - http://www.history.org.uk/resources/secondary_resource_6815_123.html

Contributor to 'Britishness: In Search of a National Identity: 1. Fragile Beginnings'  A film by Stefan Piotrowski published on You Tube by Against the Current Productions on 14 September 2014. http://youtu.be/dG4nKB_I-NY

How Glasgow Flourished: The Ramsay Portrait of the third Duke of Argyll

Responsibilities & affiliations

Edinburgh Centre for Global History

Undergraduate teaching

I no longer offer courses for undergraduates or taught postgraduates but am available as a secondary supervisor for research students.

Postgraduate teaching

I no longer offer courses for undergraduates or taught postgraduates but am available as a secondary supervisor for research students.

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Research summary

Early Modern Scotland 1650-1763; emigration from Scotland in the eighteenth century; Scottish government in the eighteenth century.


  • Britain & Ireland
  • North America
  • Scotland


  • Imperialism
  • Migration
  • Politics


  • Early Modern
  • Eighteenth Century

Project activity

Making the Union Work: Scotland 1650-1763

This returns to the subject of my doctoral research on the government of Scotland after the Act of Union by analysing pre and post union Scottish economic and political unionism.

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 Alexander Murdoch, Scotland and America, c.1600-c.1800  (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010)

Alexander Murdoch, British Emigration, 1603-1914 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004)

Alexander Murdoch, British History, 1660-1832: National Identity and Local Culture (Palgrave Macmillan, 1998)

Alexander Murdoch, The People Above: Politics and Administration in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Scotland (Edinburgh, 1980, reissued 2003)

Edited books

Alexander Murdoch, Editor, The Scottish Nation: Identity and History.  Essays in Honour of William Ferguson (2007)

Alexander Murdoch, Co-editor (with John Dwyer and Roger A. Mason) of New Perspectives on the Politics and Culture of Early Modern Scotland (Edinburgh, 1982)


Articles and book chapters

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How Glasgow Flourised: The Ramsay Portrait of the third Duke of Argyll [Podcast]