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Finding accommodation in Edinburgh

Guidance for students looking for accommodation for the next academic year.

We understand that finding a place to live in Edinburgh can be a challenge, particularly when you’re trying to find the right location to make your commute to and from University as easy as possible.

Check out our tips and guidance on what you should consider when looking for a place to live in the city.

Where to live

While areas such as Marchmont are ideal if you’re looking to live within walking distance from our central area, if you broaden your search criteria, there are lots of alternative places across the city that have great commuting links to our campuses.

We’ve created a handy map of some of the areas our students live:

Our website also has information on how to travel to each of the University's main campuses using various transport options:

Travelling to the University

Each Edinburgh neighbourhood has different amenities, shops and attractions. Check out what each neighbourhood can offer on the Forever Edinburgh website:

Edinburgh neighbourhoods

Please bear in mind that some of these areas may be more costly to live in than others, so make sure to have a budget in mind before searching for rental properties.

University-managed student accommodation

Extra bedrooms in our University-managed accommodation are available for students returning to the University in September 2022, and you can apply using the link below:

Apply for University accommodation

How to find private accommodation

There are lots of companies offering private student accommodation across Edinburgh.

Useful websites if you’re looking to stay in accommodation built specifically for students are:

If you’re looking to rent a flat privately, you can view flats using a property search website:

Advice on renting a room or flat from a private landlord can be found on The Advice Place website:

The Advice Place - Renting a Room or Flat

Looking for a flatmate

Edinburgh University Students’ Association have set up a Flatshare website to help students looking for potential flatmates to share accommodation with.

On Flatshare, you can:

  • Find flatmates
  • Form a group of flatmates
  • Advertise spare rooms including private and University rooms
  • Advertise flats


Be aware of scams

When you’re looking for private accommodation, be aware that there will likely be some adverts on property search websites that could potentially be a scam.

The Advice Place has a checklist of things to consider to make sure you’re signing up for a legitimate rental property:

Accommodation scams – The Advice Place

Help and support

We understand that trying to find accommodation for the next academic year can be stressful.

You can get independent advice on accommodation and tenancy via The Advice Place.

They can provide you with advice on where to search for accommodation, what to look for, how to save money and what scams and practices you should avoid.

The Advice Place - Accommodation