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Edinburgh students gear up to compete in BUCS Cross Country Championship

Students from the University of Edinburgh will put their endurance to the test at the event in Holyrood Park.

This is the first time Edinburgh has hosted the event, after students from our very own Hare and Hounds Student Running Club won the bid to bring this huge event to Scotland for the first time in 20 years.

Over 2000 athletes from Universities across the UK will compete in four races hosted at Holyrood Park on Saturday 1 February:

  • Women's Short Race: 11:30am
  • Men's Short Race: 12:15pm
  • Women’s Long Race: 1:15pm
  • Men’s Long Race: 2:15pm

Hare and Hounds Student Running Club

The Hare and Hounds Student Running Club (Haries) was established in 1890 and is the University’s cross country, hill, road and long-distance running club.

116 students from the club will be taking part in the BUCS Cross Country Championship on Saturday. Find out more about some of those competing.

Gregor Malcolm, Astrophysics, fourth year

Gregor Malcolm

My parents both run, we were all members of our local running club Kinross Runners and I guess I just went along with them, used to try and chase them down in sessions and slowly got to the point where I was faster than them. I did lots of triathlon for around 10 years, competing as part of the Scottish performance squad, and at university I didn’t have the time to train like before so found the Haries! I really found my place within the club and began to enjoy the running even more!

It’s been so great that the stars have aligned that we can host the Crosscountry championships on home soil! With the current crop of Scottish runners too it’s going to be a great day, and amazing to have it back in Scotland after 20 years! It’ll be a busy week in the lead up to February 1st – I wonder how many days can I spend in Holyrood? But I know it’ll be so worth it to watch the team bring some gold home! 

Alex Bell, Astrophysics, third year 

Alex Bell

I started running when I was in reception at the age of 4 or 5 so it’s been a while. My mum thought I should at least one hobby and so I tried football etc but ultimately I stuck with running; I just loved it! I love being part of the Hare and Hounds because everyone is so friendly, so easy to just talk to someone and I didn’t feel out of place at all – this club brought me to the University of Edinburgh.

I’m feeling really excited for the crosscountry championships because it’s such a big race and the atmosphere will be great. I’m also looking forward to seeing all my other running friends from across other UK universities coming to compete here in our home turf in Edinburgh. 

Elisha De Melo, Theoretical Physics, fifth year

Elisha De Melo

Running is a weird sport you have to be quite obsessive so I think that’s why there’s so many scientists in the club! I originally used to play rugby but I got a lot of concussions in a year so started running to keep fit. I went down to my local athletics  and loved it - year on year I would put more time in.

I’ve been running with the Haries for all five years here, I’m a loyal servant to the club now, and it really is pretty surreal and unreal for the race to be here in Edinburgh. Usually we have to go to London, or down south atleast so it really is amazing.

The cross country is the purest form of the race. It’s just about beating the man or woman in front. 

Carolyn Cameron, PE Teaching, 3rd year

Carolyn Cameron

Running in general just seemed to be the natural fit. My older sister ran so I just copied her.

When I knew I was coming to the University of Edinburgh I knew I’d have to join the Haries – it’s a hugely well-known club in Scotland so it was natural to become part of the club.

It really is so exciting that the race is in Edinburgh. Especially as this is my first BUCS cross country race and I’ve heard the atmosphere is always amazing! I just want to enjoy the day, especially knowing there’ll be loads of us running. 

Sarah Calvert, Medical Science, first year

Sarah Calvert

My parents are runners so I started going out running with them. At nine I joined my own club and just kept running! I’m so excited for the cross country and can’t believe it’s so close now. This will be my first big race with the Haries.

Joining the Haries has been an amazing part of my first year because there are just so many people and there’s always someone to go on a run with. This year, I’ve only been on a run on my own once!

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