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The University welcomes back The Consent Collective

Following a range of successful events in October 2018, we are inviting The Consent Collective back to deliver a guest lecture in March.

Students and staff are invited to attend the guest lecture on “Consent, safeguarding and your future career”. The lecture will take place on Tuesday 5 March at 18:00-19:30 in Room G03, 50 George Square.

The Consent Collective founder, Dr Nina Burrowes will lead the lecture which will focus on what the next generation of legal, health, wellbeing, business and education professionals will need to know about the challenges presented by sexual harassment, consent and safeguarding. 

The lecture is free and is open to all students and staff. To find out more, or to register for a ticket, please visit the website below: 

The Consent Collective guest lecture

Short films by The Consent Collective

The University recently recommissioned the series of short films that were used at The Consent Collective events held in October 2018. 

The following videos will now be available for students and staff to view on Media Hopper until 30 June:

How to respond if a student discloses to you Guidance on how to remain calm and offer compassionate support should a student or fellow member of staff tell you they’ve experienced any form of sexual violence. 
How might students be affected by sexual violence A video to explain the impact sexual violence can have on students including how it may affect the ways in which students engage with their education.
Why this is bigger than sexual assault on campus A short film explaining why university staff need to think much more broadly than just experiences of sexual violence that happen at university.
Surviving University. How I carried on with my studies after rape A case study of what can happen when a student discloses to their tutor, how their tutor was able to support them and how sexual violence impact their ability to continue with their studies

To watch these videos, please visit the webpage below.

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