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Stickers to signpost support service helplines

The University is taking part in an initiative to help students experiencing gender-based violence and mental health issues.

Stickers which detail a range of helpline numbers for people experiencing gender-based violence and mental health issues are to be displayed in toilet facilities, study zones and student accommodation.

Helpline stickers

It is hoped that the visibility of the stickers around campuses will raise awareness of gender-based violence and mental health issues, and will encourage those who need help to seek it.

The stickers include confidential and national support services available to anyone experiencing gender-based violence and mental health issues of any kind. They also provide specific support for female students, male students, LGBT+ and BAME students.

Next phase

More than 50,000 stickers have been distributed to every university and college in Scotland.

The stickers are the second phase of an initiative launched in autumn 2018 by Universities Scotland and the Scottish Government.

As part of the first phase of the initiative, the University circulated wallet-sized support cards to staff. These provided helpline numbers in the event staff received a disclosure of sexual violence or gender-based violence from a student or another staff member.

The stickers and cards are part of the Equally Safe in Higher Education initiative, which aims to eradicate gender-based violence in higher education.

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