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Nominate students and staff for University awards

Students are invited to nominate candidates for the 2019 Principal’s Medals and the 2019 Chancellor’s Awards.

The awards, which recognise outstanding contributions by students and staff, are two of the highest honours bestowed by the University. 

Principal’s Medals                                                                    

There are two categories in the Principal’s Medals awards:

  • The Contribution to the Community Award recognises individuals or a team of up to four staff or students who’ve delivered exceptional ‘hands-on’ service to a community outside the University.
  • The Exceptional Service Award recognises an individual or a team of up to four staff members who have exceeded their roles in providing extraordinary service to the University community.

Find out more about the Medals including the nomination criteria and form:

The Principal’s Medals

Chancellor’s Awards

Established in 2003, the Chancellor’s Awards now recognise staff for outstanding contributions in four categories:

  • The Chancellor’s Award for Teaching
  • The Chancellor’s Award for Research
  • The Chancellor’s Award for Impact
  • The Rising Star Award (in teaching or research)

Find out more about the Medals including the nomination criteria and form:

The Chancellor’s Awards

How to nominate

Any member of the University community can nominate although self-nominations are not permitted. Previous nominations may also be resubmitted.

To nominate a candidate for the Principal’s Medals, email the nomination form to by Tuesday 23 April.

To nominate a member of staff for the Chancellor’s Awards, please email the nomination form to your respective Head of School by Friday 5 April 2019. These will be submitted for College approval prior to going to the Selection Panel.

Got a question?

Any queries can be directed to Nicola Helliwell at any time.

Nicola Helliwell

Executive Officer, Principal's Office

Work: +(0)131 650 2130


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