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European alliance produces PhD research guide

More than 50 researchers from Europe’s leading universities have come together to produce a guide for PhD students.

The publication will be made available to young researchers as they embark on their careers.

It offers advice on international research collaborations, including information on funding, data collation and global partnerships.

The guide draws from the experiences of researchers from across Europe and summarises the many benefits and challenges associated with working together.

European network

The publication has been produced by a Doctoral Summer School, organised by the League of European Research Universities.

LERU is an association of leading European research-intensive universities that share an ethos of high-quality teaching within an environment of internationally competitive research.

The network acts as a strong voice on a wide range of topics related to EU policies and initiatives.

LERU helps shape policy at EU level. It also seeks to inform politicians, policy makers and opinion leaders of the important role played by research-intensive universities.

Research is a collaborative endeavour and cooperation across disciplines, across sectors and across boundaries will always be more impactful. Effective collaboration in the future will demand national, European and international collaboration.

Professor Peter MathiesonPrincipal, the University of Edinburgh


Research Collaborations: a guide for early career researchers 


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