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Edinburgh Award reception celebrates students

The reception recognised students for their commitment to various co or extra-curricular activities and their own personal development under the Award scheme.

Image from Edinburgh Award 2019 ceremony

More than 200 students from across the University were invited to the Playfair Library to receive a certificate for their achievements.

Attendees heard speeches from Gavin McLachlan, Vice-Principal and Chief Information Officer, and Librarian to the University, and Lillian Lee, founder of Fourth World Art.

Edinburgh University Students’ Association President, Eleri Connick, closed the ceremony, congratulating the students for their efforts.

Taking part in the Edinburgh Award

The Edinburgh Award is a University-wide way for students to receive recognition for the activities they do outside of their degree programme. 

The scheme began in 2011 and is run by staff from across the University and Students’ Association, with a variety of different strands for students to get involved with. Approximately 1,000 students will achieve an Edinburgh Award this year.

In the scope of their chosen activity, students are supported to reflect on their own experiences and development, facilitating the improvement of transferable skills that they will be able to use in various part of their lives, now and in the future.

If you’d like to take part in the Edinburgh Award, visit the webpage below for more information.

Congratulations on behalf of the University for achieving this wonderful Award, you should be very very proud of what you've achieved.  You've demonstrated a commitment to your own development but also to making an impact on others. The Edinburgh Award is really important for a number of reasons and one is because it encourages you to continue having an impact beyond the structure of your degree.

Gavin McLachlanVice-Principal and Chief Information Officer, and Librarian to the University

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