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University hosts sexual violence prevention forum

The University hosted Fearless Edinburgh, a campaign group that tackles gender-based violence in the higher education sector.

Fearless Edinburgh panel discussion

On Thursday nearly 100 individuals from Scottish higher education institutes, Police Scotland, charities and public sector organisations attended to discuss their role in preventing and addressing sexual assault.

Led by Jane Norman, Vice-Principal People and Culture, the event included a talk from Fiona Drouet, a leading campaigner against sexual violence in higher education.

Working in partnership

Throughout the day the group took part in workshops looking at ways to: raise awareness of sexual violence; challenge assumptions, definitions and attitudes; and identify gaps in prevention, service provision and supporting survivors. Plans and ideas taken from the event will be used to create an action plan for 2019.

It was inspiring and moving to spend a morning with colleagues from across the Fearless Edinburgh partnership to discuss and plan how we tackle gender-based violence and sexual violence across higher education in Edinburgh. Collectively, with all students and staff, we are over 100,000 people which is a significant proportion of the city's population. It is so positive that there is such strong commitment in Edinburgh to changing the culture.

Andy ShanksDirector of Wellbeing

About Fearless Edinburgh

Fearless Edinburgh is a multi-agency partnership focusing on raising awareness of sexual misconduct and affecting culture change, centring on the student population.

The partnership involves six higher education institutes, one further education college, NHS Lothian, Police Scotland and Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.

The group was established this year following the Scottish Government’s Equally Safe project, a strategy to prevent and eradicate violence against women and girls in Scotland.

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