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New Rector officially welcomed

Ann Henderson has been inducted as the University’s 53rd Rector.

Ms Henderson took to the ceremonial chair in Old College quadrangle and was joined by the Principal and student representatives.

She is the second woman to fill the role since it was created in 1858.

Tackling challenges

Ms Henderson is a researcher at the Scottish Parliament and a member of the Scottish Labour Party executive. 

She is actively involved in women’s groups, with a particular interest in women’s history within the labour movement.

With over 40 years of experience campaigning for equality and social justice, Ms Henderson has pledged to address mental health issues, student rent levels and to protect and support EU students and staff. She also wants to ensure fair pay and fair pensions for staff.

Rector role

The Rector’s primary role is to preside at the University Court, the University’s governing body. 

They also chair meetings of the General Council in absence of the Chancellor and work closely with students and the Students’ Association.

Prestigious position

Established in law by an 1858 Act of Parliament, the position of Rector has a long and prestigious lineage.

This year marks 159 years since William Gladstone first took up the post as Rector at the University.

Previous Rectors include eminent politician Sir Winston Churchill, television presenter Muriel Gray and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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