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Awards nominations open

Students are invited to nominate candidates for the 2018 Principal’s Medals and the 2018 Chancellor’s Awards.

Nominations for each award close in April.

The Chancellor’s Awards

The Chancellor’s Awards were first awarded in 2003.

They acknowledge staff for outstanding contributions to both teaching, research and research impact.

The awards also offer the opportunity to honour colleagues who are at an early stage of their career and showing great potential.

Any member of the University community can nominate and self-nominations are permitted. Previous nominations may also be resubmitted.

How to nominate

Information on the criteria and nomination process, along with the Chancellor’s Awards nomination form, can be accessed from the following links:


All nominations must be submitted to Heads of School by Friday 6 April 2018. School Heads will then send an approved list to Heads of College for ranking before consideration by the Selection Panel.

Winners will be publicly announced after presentation of the awards at the Chancellor’s Dinner held in the Autumn.

The Principal’s Medals

The University awards two Principal’s Medals annually.

The Principal’s Medal for Exceptional Service honours staff members or teams who have supported the University community and mission by delivering exceptional service beyond the expectations of their role.

The Principal’s Medal for Contribution to the Community recognises staff members or students who as individuals or groups have played a key role in a project that has made an impact on a community they have lived or worked in, or contributed to.

How to nominate

Information on the criteria and nomination process, along with the Principal’s Medals nomination form, can be accessed via the Principal’s Medals webpages at:


Nominations must be submitted to Nicola Helliwell by 5pm on Monday 23 April 2018. They will then be considered by the Selection Panel.

Winners will be announced in the summer.

Any queries can be directed to Nicola Helliwell at any time.

  • Nicola Helliwell
  • Executive Officer, Principal's Office
  • Work: +(0)131 650 2130


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