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Review of the Academic Year

Outcome of consultation on the University's proposals on an alternative model for the academic year structure.

Over the course of this Semester, the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) set up a Task Group to review the structure of the University’s academic year. The group was asked to determine whether any changes could be made to better meet the needs of the University community, as some staff and students had expressed concern that the University did not have the right structure.

During the review process, the Group considered a number of alternate structures, including the possibility of starting Semester One earlier than at present. However, it did not pursue that option further because it would create unacceptable pressures on student recruitment and induction.

During April and May the Group consulted staff and students on a different model based on holding examinations in January. For further information regarding the consultation process see below. There were very high levels of engagement with the consultation process, including positive response rates to the staff and student surveys, high attendance at ‘town-hall meetings’, and thoughtful submissions from a large number of Schools and support areas.

The main message from the consultation is that the majority of staff and students feel that the current structure, while not perfect, is the best available, and preferable to the alternate proposal of holding examinations in January. LTC has listened carefully to these views and decided that the University should continue with the current academic year structure.

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