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On Foot By Bike

Try a new route to University by exploring Edinburgh's QuietRoutes.

To help you make a positive change in your daily commute, the City of Edinburgh Council is continuing to improve Edinburgh’s network of QuietRoutes.

These are designed for walkers and cyclists of all abilities and are a great way to travel around the city avoiding the busy main roads.

Walking or cycling to work are a fantastic way to commute. As well as providing you with a whole host of health benefits,  you can also save money and time.

There are various QuietRoutes through Edinburgh allowing you to walk or cycle to your destination without having to go on a busy road. Not only do these QuietRoutes give you a quick and safer alternative but also take you on a scenic tour through the heart of Edinburgh allowing you to explore the city.

Find more information and maps of all of Edinburgh's QuietRoutes

QuiteRoute 6 - George Square, Meadows to King’s Buildings

This is a perfect route that takes you along traffic free paths and quiet roads during your commute around George Square, The Meadows and the King’s Buildings. With updated signs and street lighting this route is easy to navigate. Along the way you can stop off at George IV Library – the University of Edinburgh Central Area - the Meadows – Marchmont for shopping and cafes – Newington Library – King’s Buildings.

QuiteRoute 6 is a great alternative to the busier Quality Bike Corridor that follows George IV Bridge, Potterrow, Causewayside, Mayfield Road, King's Buildings.

QuiteRoute 8 – Roseburn to Sighthill and Edinburgh Park.

Use this direct route on traffic-free paths and quiet back roads to travel from Roseburn to Sighthill. Roseburn is easily reached from the tram and train hub at Haymarket.

The route provides a quick and convenient way to get to Edinburgh Park and is close to Edinburgh College and Edinburgh Napier University.  New paths, signs and lighting have improved the route.

Along the way you can stop off at Roseburn for shops and a lovely park, and  Murrayfield Stadium.

QuiteRoute 9 – Roseburn to the Gyle and Newbridge

Try this new route with new paths, lights and signs, that takes you from Roseburn all the way to the Gyle Shopping centre by passing through Corstophine.

 Along the way stop off at Roseburn for shops and parks - Corstorphine for shops and cafes – Gyle public park – Gyle Shopping Centre.