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Festival Fringe Traffic Management

Traffic and pedestrianisation arrangements around George Square during the Festival Fringe.

The University plays an integral role in supporting the Festival Fringe with many of our buildings and outside areas providing venues. It is a unique opportunity to showcase the vibrancy of the University and the city to the world.

This does mean that there is some disruption to normal service during the summer months and this year there will be quite significant changes made to traffic management around the George Square area during the build and the duration of the Festival Fringe.

In consultation with our Health and Safety experts and the City of Edinburgh Council, The University will be implementing the following:

  • From 4th July the usual one way system will begin, with traffic entering from Crichton Street and exiting out onto Buccleuch Place.  This will be in place from the 4th July to the 2nd August.
  • From the 3rd August we will effectively be closing George Square from the end Crichton Street to the Crystal Macmillan Building.  While the North side of the Square will be permanently closed, there will be access via Crichton Street to George Square Lane between the hours of 3am and 9.45am each morning.  This will continue until the 29th August.
  • From the 30th August until the 7th September, the one-way system will be reinstated.  

Staff, students and visitors who access the George Square Area should follow the signage in place and use the traffic and pedestrian routes as indicated. 


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