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Dignity and Respect Statement

The University sets out clear expectations of consideration for others in social media use.

The University is committed to building and maintaining a positive culture across campus by celebrating difference, challenging prejudice and ensuring fairness. Our Dignity and Respect Policy, which applies to all members of our community, sets out our clear expectations of consideration for others.

Thoughtless or ill-informed words and actions – particularly when magnified through the lens of social media – can have all manner of repercussions, sometimes causing great distress. This is wholly unacceptable. Fortunately such incidents are rare in our student and staff community of over 45,000 people.

We all need to remain mindful of the public nature of social media and the fact that questionable, privately expressed views often do not remain private. The University will always respond promptly and sensitively to formal complaints, and where appropriate we will take disciplinary action as set out in the relevant disciplinary policy.


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