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Counselling centre opens its doors

A new facility is making it easier for staff and students at Edinburgh to access counselling services.

The opening of Moray House Lodge is the latest in a series of initiatives at Edinburgh to support staff and students.

The University has more than doubled its investment in counselling services since 2010.

Convenient location

The building was recognised as an ideal location for a discreet, accessible counselling centre.

The site on Holyrood Road comprises a reception area, waiting room and four counselling rooms, with the capacity to hold small group activities.

Meeting demand

The University continues to invest heavily in its student counselling provision, with the latest increase of £140,000 over the next two years approved in April.

Investment is being made as the number of students seeking support from counselling services across the UK has increased significantly.

Supporting students

It has never been easier for students to refer themselves for counselling at Edinburgh. Some 99 per cent of students now do so online, and counselling appointments are available at six locations across the University.

Students can access a range of effective support services throughout the academic year. These include initiatives to promote health and wellbeing, among them online support networks, courses teaching life skills and sessions on mindfulness.

This development is the latest demonstration of the University’s commitment to supporting the wellbeing of its students and staff. The new centre is already proving popular. Students can now call in to six sites across campus and staff can use the services at two locations.

Ronnie MillarDirector of the University of Edinburgh’s Counselling Service

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