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Volunteer in Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Volunteer or research with the Social Responsibility and Sustainability department and help to make your university a more sustainable place.

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The Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) department looks to actively promote and embed sustainable practices, such as energy efficiency, recycling and ethical procurement, around the university and in the community.

Getting involved with volunteering or research in the department gives you the opportunity to gain an accredited energy auditing qualification, as well as increased knowledge of sustainability issues, organisation and leadership skills, and engaging with university staff.

Volunteering and Research

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Promoting sustainability within your School or College, and working towards the Sustainability Awards;
  • Conducting environmental audits (for which you will receive accredited training);
  • Scoping out Social Responsibility and Sustainability at the university through research.

The department can also support you in investigating sustainability at the university as part of your academic research.

As well as this, it is possible to put you in touch with NGOs and other external organisations working within the field for volunteering or research purposes.

Find out about getting involved as a student auditor in this short video:


To find out more about volunteering opportunities in SRS, visit their EUSA volunteering profile.

Fair Trade Volunteering Opportunities

There are also additional volunteering opportunities available specifically within Fair Trade - such as event coordinators, reporters and research volunteers.

More information is available in the Fair Trade volunteering profile on the EUSA website.

Sustainability in Practice Workshops

Following demand from students to find out more about sustainability at the university, the SRS department are running a series of Sustainability in Practice workshops. These are open to all staff and students.

Workshops will last one hour, and include a short presentation before focus shifts to discussion. Topics range from sustainability in Bedlam Theatre to promoting fair trade at the university, and give you a chance to discuss important issues with experts and peers.

Sustainability in Practice workshops

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