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Stand out from the crowd with the Edinburgh Award

Gain recognition for part time work, volunteering and contributing to the University community with the Edinburgh Award.

Edinburgh skyline

What is the Edinburgh Award?

The Edinburgh Award gives you formal recognition for activities that demonstrate you are developing skills and attributes that are highly valuable for your personal and career development. We have purposefully designed the Edinburgh Award to wrap-around activities that you might be involved in already.

By working towards an Award you’ll be supported as you enhance your skills and work towards genuinely excelling.

You will receive a certificate of recognition from the University and an entry on your HEAR. But, like your degree, the most important thing you get from the Award is not the bit of paper, but it’s what you can do and show as a result that really matter.

Why should I get involved?

It is unlike anything you would have ever done before, and the entire process will change you.

Award recipient

538 students have benefited from gaining the Award since 2012. Last year 98.8% of Award recipients said they would recommend doing the Award to a friend and 97% felt they were better off having done the Award.

The Edinburgh Award will help you:

  • Increase your self-awareness;
  • Capitalise on your existing strengths;
  • Develop new skills and abilities;
  • Have impact wherever you are;
  • Confidently market yourself, providing evidence of what you have to offer.

What kind of things count towards an Award?

The areas in which the Award is available is constantly increasing. Here are some of the current settings:

  • Volunteering (run by EUSA)
  • Sports Union Club Management
  • Part-time work experience (run by the Careers Service)
  • Representing students
  • Peer support and PALS
  • Library and University Collections Volunteers
  • TEDxUoE
  • Student Media

To see the full lists of settings and to find out more, see the Edinburgh Award webpages.