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On the same page as you: Hangout success

October saw a successful start to our series of ‘On the same page as you’ Google+ Hangouts on Air.

In a live streamed event, Dr Sue Rigby, Vice Principal Learning and Teaching, answered questions on the student experience at Edinburgh, with a focus on Learning and Teaching and Student Support.

Dr Sue Rigby, Vice Principal Learning and Teaching

Four, current UoE students participated in the live discussion: raising topics submitted by their peers through the ‘Same Page’ online feedback form, as well as their own questions.

Dr Rigby explained the University’s approach to planning exam timetables and the thinking behind teaching hours. She also talked about current initiatives that are intended to support and develop Edinburgh’s learning community, involving staff and students working together.

Hot topics included:

  • Fees
  • Contact hours
  • Exam timetabling
  • Personal Tutors
  • Community building

Responses to the event

We chose to use Hangouts as they provide an open platform for us to talk about the things that matter most to you. It was the first I’ve been involved in and I appreciated the opportunity to speak to the four participants in such an innovative way – which is accessible to the whole student body.

Dr Sue RigbyVice Principal Learning and Teaching

Thanks so much for the opportunity to take part, I thought the format was perfect and love the google hangout app!

Lucy HughesParticipant

About ‘On the same page as you’

The recently launched ‘Same Page’ campaign is intended to encourage continued dialogue between students and the University, so that we can work together to make sure your experience here is the best it can be.

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