Student news

New exhibition showcases curiosities from University’s collections

New student curated exhibition Collect.ed opened in the Main Library Exhibition Gallery, on 5 December 2013. The exhibition explores the unexpected and showcases the rare and remarkable from the University’s collections.

Collect.Ed logo

Curator Emma Smith, an Employ.ed on Campus summer intern, was tasked with the planning, design and curation of the exhibition.

Curious and Curiouser

The exhibition highlights the breadth of the University’s collections. Emma took inspiration from the sixteenth century fascination with the unknown and mysterious, which manifested itself in vast collections of both natural and manmade curiosities. Such trophies were often the result of the respectable gentleman’s Grand Tour, or were returned to Europe from expanding colonial frontiers. These ‘cabinets of curiosity’ not only served scientific study but also allowed objects to be viewed out of context and on a purely aesthetic level, providing fascinating juxtapositions and new opportunities for interpretation. Embodying both the satisfaction of imposed order and the human desire to possess, early collecting focused on the unclassified and unique, aiming to both enlighten and instil wonder. The exhibition runs until 1 March 2014.

Employ.ed on Campus internships

The University’s internship programme, Employ.ed on Campus, was a great success this summer with 27 interns working on various projects across the University.

The programme is open to second and penultimate year students and offers an amazing opportunity for students to gain work experience as well as participating in a personal development plan managed by the Careers Service throughout their placement. Emma successfully secured the much sought after Exhibitions Internship based in the Library and University Collections. She commented:

As an undergraduate keen to develop a career in the museums and heritage sector, this has been a fantastic opportunity for me to gain valuable skills and experience in this highly competitive field.I hope that this exhibition will give other students, staff and visitors an opportunity to see some of the amazing items in the University’s collection and will be enjoyed as much as I enjoyed its creation and realisation. I am extremely grateful to the Library and University Collections and the Careers Service for this wonderful opportunity.

Internships for Summer 2014 will be advertised from 7th February 2014 on SAGE and the University’s jobsite.